A Room for Baby… or Whoever Arrives Next – Part 2

IMG_6958 IMG_6960

Yesterday I moved some furniture around to start pulling this room together. The baby side is pretty much set. I am going to sell the green dresser and move Ali’s vintage mid-century modern dresser in here just as soon as we get a bigger dresser for her room. I don’t plan to have all of that stuff in/under the crib. I would like to replace the curtain above with a light blocking one. This works OK but it’s actually a shower curtain and I’d like to get something simpler. Other than that, this area is mostly done.

Here’s the shameful side of the room. The blue crib needs a new home but I’m too emotionally attached to it right now. I need to figure out where to hide it before Jason gets home. This bed will move into Ali’s room and we’ll put a double bed and a night stand in it’s place. I taped the floor to show where the double bed will sit. It’s going to be tight but I think it’ll work. I’m also planning on adding another rug at the side of the double bed. When we have guests we can move the crib, changing pad and changing supply cart out in less than 5 minutes. Once I sat in the rocker I realized adding a footstool would be too crowded and not necessary since I can put my feet up on the end of the bed if I want to recline.



A Room for Baby… or Whoever Arrives Next (my current mood board and floor plan for this room)

Room to Grow: Making a Bedroom for Foster Kids (this room a year and a half ago before it was occupied by Buzz and then later Bee and Firefly.)

Preparing a Bedroom for Foster Kids: Furniture & Decor (planning our first bedroom for foster children at our last house)

Preparing for Foster Kids: Bedroom Tour (photos of the above mentioned room that ended up generating a lot of interest on Apartment Therapy)



5 Responses to A Room for Baby… or Whoever Arrives Next – Part 2

  1. Linnea says:

    looking good! I love that gray and white rug on the floor, too.

  2. Tarynkay says:

    It is looking great so far! Is there a reason you aren’t using the blue crib? I am just curious as to how it has held up.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      It’s size and do convenience to move it mostly. The white crib has a much smaller footprint and can quickly be moved into a different room when we want to use this as a guest room. I guess a small part of it is that I’m tired of the blue. That what I loved so much about it at the beginning. It’s held up well after more than 3 years of use.

  3. Jenni says:

    We have these IKEA blackout curtains in our foster nursery & love them! The photo doesn’t do them justice. They look even better in person! And the best part is we got them for $20 in the “as is” area! There was nothing wrong with them. They had been used on a display.

  4. Sophia Grammer says:

    LOVE the rocker. Purchased a similar chair the other day and loving it. We’ve purchased a few pieces now from a Mid Century Modern Dealer in Providence in case anyone’s interested. Really nice folks and some beautiful pieces at affordable prices. http://www.parkandparisdecor.com

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