Courtyard Deck and Built-in Bench

I gave a little sneak peek of this project on Friday. Jason recently constructed this bench and deck into our courtyard. This is the main entrance into our home, a private garden space that’s secluded from the street and neighbors. It’s a lovely space to sit and it just got better! We still need to add some cushions but we’re enjoying it already.

IMG_5287 IMG_5296

IMG_5439 IMG_5434 IMG_5437

IMG_5305 IMG_5308



2 Responses to Courtyard Deck and Built-in Bench

  1. tram says:

    This bench is BEAUTIFUL! please, do you have pictures of the project? would so love, love, love to see if we can re-create!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I don’t have pictures of the progress. My crazy ambitious husband did this project mostly at night when we had a newborn so I hardly even saw it. I did some initial sketches for him but it was a lot of figuring out as he went.

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