It’s November and I’m Back

I’m back to blogging. I think. Taking a month off has forced me to reevaluate my frequency of blogging and realizing I could take some pressure off of myself. For years I’ve pushed myself to post 5x a week. I really enjoy blogging but at the end of the day after working full time, being a wife and mom, fostering (again soon), doing freelance…sometimes it starts to feel like another chore to tick off my to do list.

Reflecting on my most recent post, we haven’t sold our old car yet, we didn’t end up doing respite (only had one request and Jason was out of town), and I’m still not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life. However we did take Alianna to Dollywood and it was a blast. The month of October also included a lot of rest, prayer, preparations to our next foster kid’s bedroom, meals cooked and stocked in the freezer, reading, and time well spent with friends and family. I’ll be posting some pictures of specific adventures from October but for now, here is a little photo summary.

IMG_0659 IMG_0668 IMG_0704 IMG_0729 IMG_0737 IMG_0755 IMG_0808 IMG_0857

In foster care news, we’ve started receiving calls for placement #4 and by “calls” I mean we got one call last Tuesday for a teenager. I said no. We had planned to wait to reopen our home until Buzz is officially out of state care but our worker said we needed to open sooner because they have a shortage of homes. I’m kind of surprised we haven’t had more calls but I’m honestly in no hurry. Life is easy, sweet and comfortable right now. I trust in God’s timing and I know He has something specific planned for us, and a specific child He wants us to open our home and hearts to next. Buzz’s exit hearing was moved back to mid-November but everything is still looking great for him to be officially back in his mom’s custody, where he’s been living since he left our home at the beginning of August. I’m so happy that we’ve been able to stay in touch and stay friends. We text back and forth often and have gotten together twice so far. We’re planning a celebratory dinner the night after his exit hearing.


2 Responses to It’s November and I’m Back

  1. lifeat807 says:

    Yay!! Sure have missed you while you were gone, but looks like it was a great, well-deserved break! I tried e-mailing last week to say hi and it was returned so it’s good to see you back on here.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      🙂 I just realized a few days ago that my old (defunct) email address was still listed on the sidebar. It’s fixed now. Thanks for caring enough to check in with me!

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