Family Fun Weekend

Friday morning Ali and I celebrated that we only had 1 more day until Jason got home from his recent Canadian tour.


Then Friday night we had a girls night out, dinner and frozen yogurt. I love hanging out with her. She’s so much fun!

IMG_0320 IMG_0322

Saturday morning we had a light breakfast and then went straight to the airport to wait for Jason to arrive. Then we went out for breakfast together.

IMG_0323 IMG_0326

Can you tell that Ali was happy to see her daddy? I wish I would have gotten video of her jumping up and down and screaming, “Daddy! Daddy!” when we watched him walking toward our van with all his luggage and guitars. We sure love this guy.


One Response to Family Fun Weekend

  1. christy says:

    I saw your comment on Leslie’s blog and had to come see who it was. 🙂 I connected with you when you said you hurt for your child’s birth mom. Our girls are older now but even the thought of the day when they placed them in our arms and what it felt like breaks my heart all over again. I was so torn between wanting to run out the door with this sweet daughter God had given us and drop everything and just hold and love their birth mom. Its something people cant understand unless they have been there. People think I am crazy to not just be happy with getting a child; I am trust me. But as a believer in Christ I want them to know his comfort as well. I also now as a mom can see the sacrifice they made because I in no way could imagine giving up my girls to anyone let alone a stranger.

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