Guess Who Got Potty Trained Last Weekend?

I had taken a vacation day on Friday planning to go visit friends in Ohio with Ali but a sore throat and mild fever made me change my plans. Since we’d be stuck at home all weekend, I decided to tackle potty training Ali using the Toilet Training in Less Than Day method. The night before training we practiced by teaching all of her baby dolls how to use the potty (even Little Lucy dog and Ms. Broccoli!)


She did awesome the first day! Two accidents and FOURTEEN successes! We spent the whole day in the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom with the exception of her nap time and a little time outside. Lots of drinking liquids and eating salty snacks and sweet reward treats for keeping dry pants.




She was so proud of herself! The next day was a little sloppy because I wasn’t feeling well…more about that later. But she did pretty good. Something like 8 successes and 4 accidents. We took one outing. I was planning originally just to go to the pharmacy and back but decided to stop at H&M so Ali could pick out some fun new undies. She rocked her first public restroom experience.

IMG_9938 IMG_9941

By Saturday evening, my weekend started to crumble apart as I got sicker and sicker with hand, foot and mouth disease. WHAT?! Yeah, I’ll tell you about that sometime. Potty training essentially went on hold then but I’d say she’s 75% trained. Optimistically… We’re using pull-ups as back up this week. Darn you, HFM.


2 Responses to Guess Who Got Potty Trained Last Weekend?

  1. Tarynkay says:

    Are you using a potty chair or is she going straight to the big toilet? I have been wanting to try the three day method, but was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to do it without a potty chair and we just don’t have room for one.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      We are using a potty chair that she can without assistance: sit on, pee, dump the pan in the toilet, replace the pot, flush the toilet. She still needs some help getting pants up and down unless she’s only wearing loose training pants like she was during the first 2 days of training. I was originally planning to just use the big toilet with a seat on top for her but then someone gave us a potty chair. The big toilet works fine for a lot of kids with a footstool and/or assistance getting on and off. She’s been doing fine using public restrooms with and without the potty seat on top since I’m there to help her on and off (and make sure she doesn’t fall in the big toilet!) Good question. 🙂

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