First Chores

Ali is at the age where she loves to do whatever I’m doing and she loves to help. “Ali help Mama!” I’m taking full advantage by encouraging her to do more jobs around the house. After her bath I have her take her clothes to her hamper and put her shoes away in her closet. If the playroom or her bedroom need cleaned up we usually do it together before nap or before bath time.  When I’m doing laundry she still sets me back more than helps BUT I’m finally finding ways she can help, handing me clothes out of the dryer to fold and sort, or pushing the wet clothes into the dryer for me. Other than that, she likes to unfold everything I fold and mix it all up.

IMG_9901 IMG_9902

Lately she’s learning to do a job that Buzz had mastered right before he left – feeding Lucy in the morning. (Side note: Our dog has a crazy complicated feeder with five compartments that rotate on a timer. The spaced out meal times through out the day help her blood sugar stay up and she has less seizures and vomit — actually she rarely ever has either anymore.) Ali still needs help lifting the bag and scooping the food but she’s getting the hang of it. Here’s a recent picture of Lucy, the poor old cocker spaniel who doesn’t get photographed much anymore.


What are some of the first chores you gave your kids? Any other suggestions for appropriate jobs for a 2 year old?


3 Responses to First Chores

  1. SusanV says:

    Give her an old pair of socks on her hands & teach her to dust! She could help you put the silverware away (no knives, of course) but sorting & placing are good skills for fine motor skills. Our kids help cleaning. Lauren has recently taken to using the toilet brush in the toilet & wiping the parts of the windows/doors she can reach with the vinegar/dawn/water cleaner we use.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks for the suggestions Susan! Over the weekend she randomly picked up a dust rag and said “I dust.” I need to get on that while she’s interested. Sock hands is a great idea.

  2. Instant Mama says:

    I have my little ones throw things away for me while I’m cooking or cleaning up. Sometimes I space it out (give her one napkin at a time instead of all of them at once). Depending on your bathroom trash can, emptying that is an easy job for a little one (perhaps in a few months or year though, not sure if two is old enough yet). I have my four year old sweep (hand broom) under the shoe rack. I did it more to give him something to do rather than to actually keep it clean, but I have been amazed at how much less dirt we have there now! They’ll surprise you sometimes!

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