A Mom


I’m not sure if it rubs me the wrong way because I’ve been trying to get Buzz to call me Ms. Martina (for his mom’s sake) for 4 weeks with no avail or if it’s because he’ll say it repeatedly until I respond and it’s usually for nothing in particular.

“Amamamamamamamamamamamamama…” as we’re driving to day care in the morning.

“What is it, Buzz?”

“Right there.” An airplane. Or a McDonalds billboard. Or a dog. Sometimes, by the time I turn my head around to see what he wants, he just shifts his eyes and smirks like he can’t remember what he was going to tell me. Or maybe he just wanted my attention.

Yesterday I remembered a conversation we  had on one of his first days at our home. He had woke up from nap time crying and I went into his room and held him for a good long time until he calmed down. I explained to him—as best as I could to a two-year old—the situation: that he would be living with us for a while as the grown ups take care of some things that need to be done and that we’re hoping he can go back to live with his mom and dad very soon. I told him he was safe with us and we hoped he would make himself at home. I acknowledged that he was missing his family. I explained to him that “I’m a mom, too.” He seemed comforted by that.

“A Mom.” I’ve decided that he’s calling me “A Mom.” I’m not sure if it’s the truth but I’m hoping it’ll make “Amamamamamamamama…” a little less annoying today.


4 Responses to A Mom

  1. Mama says:

    I grew up with a “second mom”, too,- the woman who babysat me every day all day while my mom worked. It’s okay to let him call you Mom. His mom will understand, and it brings him comfort to call you Mom and Jason Dad. It’ll get sorted out someday soon.

  2. When I babysit or have play dates I notice the other kids often call me “a mom” especially when it’s 1-3 year olds. I agree with Mama, I think it comforts them.

  3. Melissa says:

    I have been called mom by more students than I can count over the years. But, beyond that, most little ones simply think all women are moms and that is simply the way of the world. They don’t yet understand that the two are separate statuses. The week after Mother’s Day this year I had numerous students ask if I had a nice Mother’s Day and were genuinely shocked when I explained that I am not (yet) a mom.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks for that perspective. He probably is calling his day care teachers mom too. He’s not talking well enough to say complicated names anyway.

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