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Have you ever made your own bubble solution? It’s cheap, very easy and makes awesome bubbles! I’ve seen a lot of pins on Pinterest with homemade bubble recipes but this is the one I tried. I cut the recipe in half and used Dawn dish soap and light corn syrup. I found it to be too thick so I added more water.

With one breath and a simple little 1″ bubble wand, I can make 20-40 bubbles! Ali is thrilled. We’ll never be wasting our money on the “miracle” watery bubble solution at the store again. I’m hoping to try this out with a bigger bubble wand soon. Even with my little wand, I can get a bubble about 4″ in diameter.

Usually we do bubbles outside but sometimes if Ali is well behaved in the tub (in other words, not soaking me with splashing…) I’ll reward her with bubbles in the tub.

homemade bubble solution - myMCMlife.com

Dog photo bomb! (By the way, Ali is not crying in the background, she’s gasping/laughing because of the bubbles popping around her face. No children were harmed in the making of these photos. 😉 However… Warning: it’s soapy and it will sting the eyes. She tends to get it on her hands from exuberant bubble decimation and then sometimes rubs her eyes.)

homemade bubble solution - myMCMlife.com


4 Responses to Bubbles

  1. I was just researching this very important recipe the other day….. it’s really tough to get corn syrup in Australia so I was told to use glycerine.
    That sounded like a bomb.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I saw some recipes with glycerine too but I have no idea where to buy it and we had corn syrup in the pantry already. I wonder how it affects the bubbles differently.

  2. Tiffany Smith says:

    I love this recipie , I first heard of it on Sesame Street. I use free and clear dishsoap and you have a solution that is great for sensitive skinned kiddos as well.

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