New Home Tour: Dining Room

Our dining room is sunny, shiny and functional. It’s pretty minimalist for now, which helps with keeping it clean when you have a 19 month old. It overlooks our courtyard and natural light pours in all day long.


I’m very happy with our impulsive decision to get the big version of the IKEA MASKROS light for this room.


Besides the planet-size chandelier, the biggest statement of the dining room is the exposed concrete block wall that runs along the face of most of our house, including the courtyard.


This room gets some pretty amazing sunlight. Lunch time is particularly nice.


It may not look like it since it’s all sparkly clean for these photos, but we’re one of those weird families that all sits down together to eat here every evening. We hold hands and thank God for the food and then we all sit together until everyone is finished. Strange, huh? I love having six chairs even though we only use 2 plus a high chair most days – it feels like we’re always ready for more.


In a dream world, I’d add a rug under this table but with the amount of food that ends up under the high chair, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. A tarp maybe, but not a rug! This sweet puppy helps a lot with food clean up but she’s a picky eater. Lucy won’t eat any vegetables except raw onions, very little fruit and no seafood.


This big blank wall is just begging for art. I know what I want to put here but it’s not going to be cheap to get a giant canvas or poster made. So we wait. Good thing we like white walls. We’d also like put a credenza or hutch against that wall.


FYI, our architect is Ryan Thewes.

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4 Responses to New Home Tour: Dining Room

  1. Marie says:

    Love the dining room but please don’t feed your dog raw onions! It’s toxic to them:

    • mahlbrandt says:

      We don’t. I was aware they’re toxic. We don’t feed her any table food but she begs for raw onions while we’re chopping them and will lunge quickly if one happens to fall. I think it’s funny that she won’t eat any other fruits and veggies that she happens upon but raw onions are her weakness. Yuck! Thanks for looking out for old Lucy, though. 🙂

  2. Instant Mama says:

    We are proud to be one of those strange families that sits down to eat together, holds hands to pray, and waits till everyone is done before getting up. I love it!!!

  3. Brian Carlson says:

    I think I’m seein’ some angels in these photos. Wow, really beautiful…

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