Merry Christmas Eve

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve. We’re planning on our traditional Swedish meatballs and then I have a surprise gift tucked away with new PJs for all, a Christmas movie, popcorn and hot cocoa. I’m hoping to start a new Christmas eve tradition. Here are some photos from our last couple weeks of Christmas preparations.

I was excited to have this little elf to help me with cookie making this year.

IMG_0473 IMG_0487

She loves pushing Dizzy all around the house.

IMG_0493 IMG_0497  IMG_0523 IMG_0525


Ali helped me make the raspberry thumbprint cookies so she got to enjoy one of them fresh from the oven.


And a peanut butter blossom, too, because what the heck. It’s Christmas. I decided she should get to eat way too many cookies like the rest of us.


Sugar cookie cut-outs in the oven.


Next year we’re going to get a traditional green tree for all of these fun and sentimental ornaments. This year to keep them safe I made a wall “tree” with command hooks and ribbon.


We’ve been using the fireplace a lot so I was afraid to hang the stockings too close to the fire.


This works!



Our tree can’t support Christmas lights but it’s so sparkly when the sunlight shines on it that it glows!

IMG_7511 IMG_7514 IMG_7516

Ali woke up on Saturday morning, pointed to her head and said “hat.” She wore her Santa hat most of the day.


I call this “scowl face.” I was trying really hard to get her to do it the other day so I could capture it in a photo but now she seems to think this is THE face to make for every photo. Haha!


Merry Christmas Y’all!


2 Responses to Merry Christmas Eve

  1. Mama says:

    What a treat to find all the pics of the sweet little elf! We are missing you all a lot, and we will especially this evening an tomorrow. Love you.

  2. anniegoat says:

    Merry Christmas! That hat still cracks me up. So funny

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