Move In Week … I Hope!

This is a blog post to say that I may not be posting much this week. Outside of my 40-hour a week graphic design job, my life (my family’s lives) will pretty much be revolving around our new house and getting things ready for our scheduled move-in day on Friday, followed by a weekend of unpacking. I say “I Hope” in the title because we have to pass several inspections before we get the occupancy permit. Almost everything is done, except the master bathroom tile (remember the snafu I mentioned?) and a few electrical things that’ll get changed around. The house needs a thorough cleaning. Jason and I spent gorgeous 70-degree afternoons on Saturday and Sunday working on landscaping. If you would like to see pictures, follow me on Instagram (@mahlbrandt) or check out my profile here: I would repost pictures here but I don’t have time at the moment! Off to more projects…

I’ll be back as soon as the dust settles.


One Response to Move In Week … I Hope!

  1. Annie says:

    So exciting! Have fun 🙂

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