Hailey Salvage

A few weeks ago Jason, Ali and I went exploring at Hailey Salvage, a graveyard for all kinds of semi-organized junk here in Nashville. We got the front door for our last house at Hailey and we went looking for doors, but ended up having to leave before we got to them (to meet our electrician) and then changed our minds about a vintage door all together. There is lots of cool stuff to explore here:

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -


Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -


Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

There are so many buildings to explore. We always run out of time.

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

Ali and Dora were not very excited about all the junk

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

All kinds of odds and ends

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

Fireplace mantles, bikes, carpet, a bassinet, appliances…

Art, more mantles…

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

The ground glistens…because it’s a mix of dirt and broken glass. Definitely not a flip flop friendly place.

Hailey Salvage, Nashville, TN -

This is the only place I’ve ever seen decorative concrete block for sale. I need to come up with a use for these.

Second hand toilet, anyone?

Where else could you find a blue toilet? Or a yellow, peach or green one?

We did buy anything that time but it’s a good place to go for project inspiration.


2 Responses to Hailey Salvage

  1. Instant Mama says:

    My parents used those blocks (that exact pattern, too, I believe) for bookcases. 2×12 boards placed on the bricks, stacked from floor to ceiling and covering an entire wall in the living room, and then in the office as well when the first one was no longer enough. You may have figured out by now that they LOVE books! If you’re interested in more details let me know – it was certainly an inexpensive option compared to what they would have spent on “store bought” shelves. Actually when they moved the shelves came too and are still in use now 20+ years later!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Wow! Great idea. I remember my parents had storage shelves in our basement when I was young that were just cinder blocks and boards. Decorative blocks and nice stained wood could look really nice.

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