Who is Next?

Our journey to Ali’s adoption finalization was like a roller coaster that ended with one long, long down hill coast. The timeline looks like this:

7/20/11 – Ali was born

9/21/11 – Ali was placed with us through foster care

11/4/11 – We were told they were taking her away from us in 2 weeks, moving her to a stranger

11/15/11 – She was put into our custody so we could adopt her

12/21/11 – Her first mom surrendered her parental rights to us

1/12 – our home study and adoption papers were filed at the courthouse


8/6/12 – found out about our adoption hearing (less than 24 hours notice!)

8/7/12 – biological father TPR default and Adoption Day!

I have to admit, just one day after the crazy roller coaster ride ended, I started thinking… what’s next? More specifically, who is next? I’m ready to adopt again. Baby fever? No, not necessarily a baby—actually a baby might be my last choice if I have any say in it. I’m thinking about an older child next time.

Adoption fever. I think I have adoption fever.

Or I’m completely off my rocker. Or both. Thank God for a forced hiatus while our house is being built. And a husband with some good sense. Somedays if feels like my heart is completely dominating over my brain.


5 Responses to Who is Next?

  1. Annie says:

    That is my every day mindset. If we weren’t forced not to take in any foster babies until after Bear’s adoption I know we would have another child in here. I for sure want a fourth.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Even though I tend to want to look ahead and plan and know what’s coming, I know the forced break is good for us now. We’ve had lots of time to focus on Ali and we’ve been extra busy with the new house. I’m sure it’s good for you guys too, to focus on Bear and your girls. When the time is right, I’m sure God will add to your family again. You have a big heart for kids and I know God will want to use you more. 🙂

  2. lifeat807 says:

    I think we’re cut out of the same fabric! Waiting to see what happens with the 2 foster kiddos we want to adopt, 2 biological kids and 1 on the way… And I keep thinking “who’s next?” I also think our husbands must be cut from the same fabric. Mine is definitely the one who settles my soul!

  3. Brian Carlson says:

    Do potato chips count?! Sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about which one is next. :0

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