Help Us Pick a Paint Color for this Brick Ranch

Our good friend and real estate guru, Jeremy Hundley, is in the middle of remodeling a sweet brick ranch our here in East Nashville. It’s getting a complete makeover inside and out and will be for sale in the next couple of months. Jeremy asked me to mock up some paint color ideas for the exterior of the house, which is currently an ugly peach-colored brick. I went a little crazy and came up with way too many choices. (I had a hard time choosing the top 6 to post here!)

Can you help us narrow it down? What is your favorite color combination?

Don’t get hung up on the front door design. It’s solid now…I was just experimenting with options. Also, it looks a bit naked without any landscaping. That will be remedied after it’s painted. Please choose your favorite overall combination in the poll below, but feel free to get specific in the comment section.

Thank you so much for your help!


9 Responses to Help Us Pick a Paint Color for this Brick Ranch

  1. Annie says:

    #4 was actually my favorite, but for resale I would say 3

  2. PDustin says:

    I’d say 2 or 4 is mine but I have to say something about square brick homes painted beige like #3.
    I was about to make an offer on a cool red-brick 60’s ranch that desperately needed paint here in the Boro just south of you guys. It was bought before I could and they painted it that light/med beige.
    It’s such a block shape that it looks horrible! Not even interested in it anymore even though it’s up for re-sale after the reno and really,it’s just paint and a deep grey would fix it… The color has totally turned me off. Looks super cheap. I’d worry because this one is a similar shape to that one that if a light color is used,it will too in real life. Good luck to them on choosing a color!

  3. PDustin says:

    #6 is cool too. Reminds me of you guys old places color! If it looked even half as good as yours did it would be awesome!

  4. Instant Mama says:

    2 or 3 (but maybe 3 isn’t so good in real life based on the other comment). I also feel drawn to 4, but would be hesitant to use it myself. Maybe I just am not brave enough to be this bold. Some yellow shrubbery with that yellow door would really make a splash!

  5. Whitney says:

    #4! Love the yellow door.

  6. tracy says:

    Numero uno! I’m trying to convince my husband that we need to paint our 1962 ranch. I’m thinking medium/dark gray with a mustard yellow or green door. He’s not into painting the brick at all though. I think he’s worried mostly about maintenance of the painted brick. Just curious – when y’all painted your house, did you do it yourselves or hire someone? It seems like a daunting task!

  7. Caren Drink says:

    #1 but with a bright yellow door. Resale appeal!

  8. Paul LaGod says:


  9. Misty LaGod says:

    #2 but with #3’s door. (I really like the first one also)

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