Hello there, Stander

The post I was going to write for today is not ready because we had a monster virus attack at our house. Miraculously, Precious is the only one who escaped it. (It = norovirus, we think.) I’ll spare you the details but it was violent! When Jason got hit Saturday night, we were all convinced it was food poisoning. After dinner Monday night I started feeling “carsick” and then “bloated” from the Mexican food I had…anything but that awful sickness Jason had for 24 hours. But then I could no longer deny it. The next morning my mom got it and the following night, my dad. I pray that we didn’t spread it to anyone else. So…I’m a bit behind on everything this week. Thankfully, I had a few posts prepared in advance.

Precious is just as cheerful as any teething baby this week, making us all smile with her babbling and silly faces and her peek-a-boo games. She’s getting really good at standing and getting around the room in a combo of rolling, dragging and backwards crawling. Her fourth tooth is all the way through, the 5th is visible and the 6th is coming soon. No wonder she’s more interested in chewing on the spoon than eating purées this week.


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