A Mother for Choco

A sweet friend recently gave us a copy of this book, A Mother for Choco. It’s the best kids adoption book I’ve seen, not that I’ve seen many. (My bloggy friend and fellow adoptive mom, Annie, recently sent me a long list of suggestions so I have many more to check out in the future!) But back to Choco and his search for a mother. It starts out sounding a bit like the P.D. Eastman book, Are You My Mother?, which I loved as a kid, mainly because of the way my big brother would read it to me and “SNORT!” for the crane at the end. But then A Mother for Choco takes a brilliant twist when Mrs. Bear helps Choco identify the qualities of a mother aside from physical resemblance. I won’t tell you the whole story here but it’s super sweet. I just read it again to Precious yesterday and she humored me by acting like she really understood the story. At the end she looked up with her big baby browns and melted me. I’m so thankful to be her mother. We don’t look alike and it doesn’t matter.

“No matter where Choco searched, he couldn’t find a mother who looked just like him.”

Just in time for Mother’s Day: A Mother for Choco. I highly recommend this one for foster and adoptive moms or ANY moms, really.

BONUS: There is an Ally the Alligator character in this book! (Ali-gator is my favorite nickname for Precious, whose real name starts with “Ali…”, in case you hadn’t guessed that.)


3 Responses to A Mother for Choco

  1. Great book! We enjoys it too.

  2. sillyeaglebooks says:

    I love this! I write about children’s books on my blog and lately my daughter and I have been trying to find good books on adoption (my sister-in-law is in the process of adoption at child, so we will have a new niece or nephew/cousin very soon. We have found four we like, but haven’t read this one yet. I hope we can find it.

    A reader commented on one of my posts that they had made their own book about the adoption of their child and that was their very favorite adoption book.

    Here’s a link to the ones we have enjoyed:

    Thanks for sharing your story.


  3. sillyeaglebooks says:

    This looks great! I write about children’s books on my blog and lately, my daughter and I have been searching for books about adoption. We have found a few that we enjoyed–most seem to be about international adoption, though. If you find any more that you love, I hope you share them!

    Here is the link to the ones we’ve enjoyed.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


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