Mother-Daughter Time

Precious and I don’t end up with a lot of hang time with just the two of us. When I’m working at home, I’m not paying much attention to her. She just hangs out on a blanket with her toys unless it’s time to eat or she needs changed.

When I’m at the office and Jason spends the day with Precious, they do fun things, (he doesn’t like to be stuck at home) like go to the coffee shop or the bank or the hardware store. He loves taking her around on errands. And of course, the three of us spend time together in the evenings and weekends. But last weekend, Jason was out of town so it was just me and the babe. I decided we should go shopping when I got home from work.

She was getting sleepy and I may have pushed her bedtime back just a little bit that night, but we still enjoyed some nice quality time together.

Nothing a little thumb action can’t soothe.

I don’t mind being alone—actually it’s refreshing sometimes to relax in front of the TV (watching whatever I want) or fall asleep early (and no one questions it) when Jason is on the road—but it’s also nice to have a sidekick. Spending a Friday night shopping date with my daughter was fun. I couldn’t help but remember all the shopping dates I’ve had with my mom, not just in my first 18 years, but even now as an adult. I’m looking forward to lots of mother-daughter time with my girl in the years to come.

This was the day before. The quality is worse, but Precious loves seeing herself when my iPhone is on self-portrait mode.

I’m extremely thankful that I get to be this little girl’s mama. I think about her birth mom just about everyday and my heart breaks for her. I know she thinks about her babies everyday, too. I’m not sure what is down the road for all of us but I hope we can have some kind of continued relationship with her.


5 Responses to Mother-Daughter Time

  1. Bran says:

    Oh my goodness look at that big smile!

  2. Mama says:

    I always enjoyed our mother/daughter outings,too. I think we might be overdo….

  3. hennymats says:

    Awww, looks like she enjoys it just as much! Lucky little girl. Happy Easter to you guys!

  4. jillbrowning says:

    Aw, fun times!! I look forward to being besties with my daughter too! (I guess I sort of already am, as much as you can be besties with a 2 year old. 😉 )

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