Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. My mom asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and his only request was to have the whole family together, including his grand babies. Friday afternoon my siblings, their spouses and their kids flew down from PA to spend the weekend here with us. We had a special celebration on Saturday night with a catered dinner at home, my dad’s favorite homemade cheesecake and a special kind of gift exchange. Before we gave my dad regular presents, we each gave him a verbal present—a little mini speech to thank him for being such a great dad and to share some funny and sweet stories. He said that was his favorite part of the birthday celebration. After all of that, we piled his three grandkids on his lap for a photo.

Precious is 7.5 months old, Eli is 7 weeks old and Iris is 5 months old. Precious was quite excited about having her cousins here for the weekend.

Eli pretty much did this all weekend and was passed around a lot.

Precious and Iris were really sweet together.

We embraced the rare opportunity to get a snapshot of my whole family. This was the best we could do with the self-timer and the camera on a tripod. Lucy even managed to sneak into the shot at the last second.

One Response to Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

  1. Brandy says:

    What a beautiful family 🙂

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