I love love but I hate Valentine’s Day

This is the first year that I completely, whole-heartedly am relieved that we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. And not just because Jason is out on tour. A few years ago he mentioned that he felt like the holiday was forced, putting unhealthy expectations on couples, becoming a competition, and setting a lot of people up for disappointment. We never really did much to celebrate the day—usually dinner at home to avoid the restaurants—and maybe a few candles, some chocolates, flowers, the usual. But we’ve moved away from that to not doing anything at all. I’m sure that sounds really cold and unromantic to some people. The truth is, we go on date nights several times a month, we show and tell how much we love each other everyday, we surprise each other with random gifts—we’re both very affirmed in our love and we have a healthy marriage. So take that, St. Valentine. Or Hallmark. Or whoever… And if I feel I’d enjoy some chocolates or fresh flowers in the house—GASP–I buy them! The random delivery of fresh flowers at work just because he knows I’m having a crappy day or the specialty chocolate from some exotic location just because he was thinking of me—those things mean way more to me than anything Jason has ever given to me on February 14.

Valentine’s Day IS a really important day for another reason, though. It’s my dear friend, Laren’s birthday! Precious says Happy Birthday, Aunt Laren! Fun fact: Laren and Precious both have heart shaped birthmarks.


3 Responses to I love love but I hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Alecia says:

    I know what you mean about Valentine’s Day and the pressure, but just wait. You’ll see as Precious gets older that you’ll enjoy the holiday in a way that you never thought you could. All holidays are so much more fun through a child’s eyes: picking out and writing Valentines for friends, the excitement of the day. No, not another commerical holiday, but another chance to have an extraordinary day, something set apart from all the other normal days.

    • Jason Ahlbrandt says:

      Nahh…I don’t think so.

      • mahlbrandt says:

        I don’t mind if you both have different opinions… Alecia can think we may change our minds about celebrating Valentine’s Day when our kids are older, Jason can think we probably won’t change our minds about a holiday we deliberately don’t celebrate… Just be nice. Abrasive comments get deleted, especially if they’re not honoring to people I love.

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