The Best Time to Buy a Winter Coat

…is probably the end of the winter, right? Much to my mom’s dismay, we’ve managed to get through the winter thus far without a winter coat for Precious. She has a giant snowsuit that my mom bought her but we’re tired of wrestling with it to get her into the car seat, especially since the majority of her van rides are under 10 minutes. Next year, however, Precious will be a toddler, a year a half old, the age/size of Ladybug (hard to believe!)…and she’ll need a proper winter coat. Since she’s growing an inch a week (it seems), I decided to hunt down a unisex, warm, hooded coat that Precious can wear next year and we can reuse for our future kids. It was surprisingly difficult to find a unisex (ie. boys) coat that was all one gender-neutral color…yellow, red, black, green, gray, brown. After a small bit of research, I decided on London Fog. I was pleased to find this artichoke green jacket on sale for just $18 and free shipping. Score! (Extra bonus: It came the NEXT day!)

It’s 2T size so it should be perfect next winter. And, she can even wear it for the last month of winter this year, too. Happy, Mom?

As someone who lives in an artichoke colored house and loves artichokes on pizza and pasta, I do with this “artichoke” was a little more yellowish green like the website images and a little less hunter green. I’ll just have to dress it up with a girly hat and mittens next year.


4 Responses to The Best Time to Buy a Winter Coat

  1. Annie says:

    I love that picture of Precious. It will be so neat to see her in it next year to see how much she has grown.

  2. Instant Mama says:

    Hahaha, that picture is adorable!

  3. julia says:

    we do the same thing–for the past 2 years I’ve gone to gap in december and buy a size larger than my kiddos. the jackets are on sale then and an additional 40% off. i like their jackets because they have down and it gets really cold in MN.

    she is so cute!

  4. marytoodles says:

    Too cute! With a pink hat and mittens: Warm, girlie, and preppy. A style trifecta.

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