Precious: Monthly Portrait 5

Precious is 5 months old! On one hand, it’s hard to believe she’s been with for 3 months already, and the other hand, it feels like she’s been with us forever. We love our little daughter. She brings us so much joy. She is almost always happy. Choongie has become her nickname to Jason and me, because of the sound she used to make when she sneezed. (She doesn’t anymore. Boo.) She is not too interested in getting around yet. She still hasn’t figured out how to roll but she’s thisclose to getting from her back to her belly. Precious is talking up a storm, though. We love to hear her babbling and squealing. She often sounds like she’s saying “hi” and “hey,” which would make sense since we say, “Hi Baby!” to her every morning when we greet our smiling girl in her crib. And when she’s crying, it sounds like she’s saying “Dada!” and “Daddy!” Jason is the best at soothing her when she’s got gas pain so maybe she knows what she’s doing calling for him.. She’s grabbing toys, especially the crinkly ones, and she enjoys looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her new tricks this week are reaching out for our faces and grabbing on to our arms/necks when we pick her up. So sweet. Precious is a jolly girl and she makes our lives much richer.

Here are some runner-up pictures. It was hard for me to decide.


6 Responses to Precious: Monthly Portrait 5

  1. Linnea says:

    Such a cutie! What a precious Christmas blessing.

  2. Instant Mama says:

    So adorable! The beauty of digital pictures is that you can take a million and then only keep the good ones. My problem is that I end up keeping all 1,000,000 of them! How can you really choose from all the cuteness!?!?

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I hear ya! My bro-in-law was shocked the other day that I have 1,700 pictures on my iPhone that I’ve only had for 6 months. And I actually did delete out a bunch a few months ago.

  3. Amy says:

    She’s so beautiful! Love those big brown eyes!

  4. Annie says:

    Holy Macaroni she is a cutie!

  5. All gorgeous pics…and it was great to see her in person today. She’s such a doll! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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