Happy Birthday, Lucy

Our sweet cocker spaniel Lucy tries hard not to be be forgotten through all that’s been going on lately. Sometimes she succeeds. Other times I let her outside, then go make a bottle for Precious and 30 minutes later remember I put her out. She’s such a good dog. She could easily run away or wander off but she just sits patiently at the back door waiting to be remembered. Lucy is pretty laid back, as you can tell from this photo.

Although…more than once she has used the forgotten outside excuse to find something disgusting to blissfully roll in, necessitating a bath. That’s one way to get attention and I’m pretty sure she knows it.

Happy 7th Birthday, Lucy-LuLu-Lucille–Brown Dog–Chocker Spaniel–Floppy Ears-Sad Eyes-Puppy Face-Chewbacca! Thanks for never leaving. Please stop rolling in grossness. We love you, sweet puppy!


6 Responses to Happy Birthday, Lucy

  1. Happy Birthday, Lucy – from Bailey (our chocolate cocker, who we call “Wookie-Pants”).

  2. Julia says:

    she is adorable! do you know if she is allergy-free like poodles? we’re talking about getting a dog but lee and bryce has a lot of allergies

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Not quite as much as poodles. A cock-a-poo is a nice cross with the size and cuteness of a cocker spaniel and the intelligence and allergy-free-ness of a poodle. Lucy sheds little fuzzy clumps, like dust bunnies, every now and then. My brother’s buff/blond cocker spaniel seems to shed quite a bit more. My allergies get stirred up when we’re giving Lucy a buzz cut, I think because of the dander.

  3. What a sweet post! Dogs are such a great part of the family! To answer @Julia’s question – My family just got a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix) and I have HORRIBLE allergies. We have had dogs all my life and even though I love them to death, I am constantly sneezing and miserable. I am happy to say that I think the Cockapoo sneezes more than me! He doesn’t shed at all, he is so soft and I can hold him all I want without getting wheezy! He does look a lot like Lucy, too!

  4. Julia says:

    thanks for the advice! i could read books, but hearing it from you guys is more relevant. i love the idea of a cockapoo! i’ll be sure to blog about it if we take the plunge…

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