Hundley Adoption Update

It’s time for an update on our friends Jeremy and Leila’s adoption story. Straight from Jeremy’s facebook wall on Wednesday:

“Hundley Adoption Update: Leila attended the doctor visit with the birthmother on Monday. They did an ultrasound and we got to see his face! He’s nearly 8 lbs and though a bit crowded in there, looks good. This time next week we’ll be at the hospital. WOW. On the funding side, we are at 83% of our goal! If you want to help with our final “push,” please post, tweet, or email the link to our blog: A massive THANK YOU to everyone involved. Just amazing.”

Baby boy, whom they’re planning to name Jaron Isaac, is due today! I can’t wait to meet him and see this sweet couple become parents. They’re going to make a wonderful family. Two Saturdays ago we threw a big baby shower for them at their new home. Apparently I wasn’t very strategic about my photos. I don’t have one of Leila and I have to skip all the ones that have Precious in them. Here are a few pictures from before the party started:

The party theme was “Rock Your Diaper Off!” since we were urging people to bring diapers along with or instead of a traditional gift. There was all kind of yummy food including an ice cream sundae bar, guitar cake, drum cupcakes, punch, cheese, dips, quiches, etc.

I’m hoping Leila’s sister-in-law Mikala got better pictures than me.

That’s my niece Eliza, Leila’s brother Nate and my sister-in-law Ginger.

We had a station set up where kids could decorate bibs and burp cloths with fabric markers. Max did a great job and got some help from his dad Grant.

Jeremy getting lots of practice with Eliza. Baby E loves that plastic chicken. It’s so cute.

We also had a picture matte for people to sign as a guest book and a box of thank you card for guests to write their addresses on the envelopes. After the gifts were opened we had a relay race outside that included setting up an unfamiliar stroller, strapping in a pumpkin, racing around cones, strapping the pumpkin into a car seat, running with it while picking up toys, etc. It was a hoot. I don’t have any pictures because I was in it. Jason and I competed against Leila and Jeremy and friends Grant and Brooke. Leila and Jeremy won. It was a very fun afternoon and this couple is now LOADED with baby stuff. I’m pretty sure they have about 4x as much baby gear as we do and we have enough.

I can’t wait to meet baby Jaron later this week. Yay!

Update: whoops! It’s 5:30 pm and I just realized I never hit Publish on this post! Sorry it’s late. 


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