Dream Home Inspiration: Exterior

Jason and I have been dreaming big lately… dreaming about houses. I’m not ready to tell you why yet.

Here are some inspiring images I’ve found.

Check my Pinterest page for sources.


8 Responses to Dream Home Inspiration: Exterior

  1. Amy says:

    Wow – I love ALL of these! Especially the first one!!

  2. Ooh! Secrets! Love all of your pics. All those windows! Ps: I can’t believe your uncle is Guy! I once worked with a teenager that was crazy about the Gaithers. She made me go to a concert with her one night. Her mama was cuh-razy about your Uncle Guy! I bet that’s a little awkward to hear. Perhaps I should have kept that to myself!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      That’s funny! He does have a lot of crazy fans. He’s not actually our uncle but we refer to our friends as aunts and uncles to our kids. Jason works with/for Guy.

  3. Girl, you so speak my language. Are we sisters? 🙂
    And I just saw your post on Design Mom.
    I love her blog too.
    Love from,
    PS. this post is so mysterious. I’m curious.

  4. Tracy says:

    Did you see the gorgeous midcentury modern home for sale in Lincoya Hills recently? I think it’s sold now, but I was coveting it for a while.


  5. These are all awesome. It would be really fun to have a truly mid-mod home.

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