I was so excited that I have something to share that’s not related to foster care or babies… it’s actually home related and mid-century modern, too! Then I realized it is still very much related to foster care and babies. Oh well. I tried.

Last Monday night I emailed Jason a link and said, “Can I get this? I want to rock my babies.” He replied back, “Yes dear. You can rock your babies in that chair. Go for it. Sweet mama and wife, I love you!” A couple of clickety clicks later on my Amazon iPhone app and it was ordered. It arrived on Thursday. Talk about rockin’ service! It took no more than 5 minutes to assemble and is exactly what I was hoping for. A white plastic-shell Eames replica rocking chair for our kids room. Precious and I have been enjoying it.

PS. If you want to get a real deal Eames rocker, you can buy one through Herman Miller for $479.


6 Responses to Rocker

  1. I love this rocker!

  2. Amy says:

    Love it! I wish the real deals weren’t so expensive!! 😦

  3. Julia says:

    does it have a matte finish with really light texture? i wonder if we have the same top on our dining chairs. i love it! does it rock well?

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Yes, Julie, it’s lightly textured. Not glossy. I think it rocks just fine. It has some mixed (but mostly positive) reviews on Amazon. Read them before you consider it. Probably not a good fit for tall people, according to some reviews. The back is not high enough to rest my head, which may bother some people but I got exactly what I was expecting to get. 🙂

  4. Julia says:

    my husband and I are 5’5 and 5’6 so we’d probably like it…glad you are enjoying it!

  5. […] I told you about our new rocking chair. Since a few people asked about it, I wanted to share that it’s now on […]

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