IKEA 2012

Have you looked through the IKEA 2012 catalog yet? I’ve skimmed but I haven’t had a chance to give it a thorough inspection yet. (I do that when I get the paper copy.) If you have, are you excited about any of the new products? I was intrigued and challenged by the Small Spaces video series.

I noticed that our SOMNAT crib went down $20 in price.

I’d love to have this poster…

Other than that nothing jumped out at me but I really enjoy browsing through the catalog every year. In several places IKEA succeeded in making these spaces look real and lived in. I love this. It’s a nice change from staged, perfect catalog images.


2 Responses to IKEA 2012

  1. I love looking through the Ikea catalogs. I know I signed up for one last year, but do they send them yearly automatically or do you have to request one each year, do you know?

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I think you have to request one each year. I do anyway. But you can also pick them up in the store at the end of the summer if you go to one any time soon.

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