Mystery Girl

Perhaps you’re wondering why all of the photos of our little girl are faceless and why I’m not using her name. It’s not a strict rule from our training, but Jason and I have chosen to protect her identity. First of all, we’re not her legal guardians; the state is. Secondly, someone may be looking for her and it’s our job to keep her safe. So, her name for the purposes of blogging and facebook is L. Or lately, I’ve been calling her Ladybug. (Which is incidentally now a blog category in the “FILE UNDER” menu to the left, Family: Ladybug) I thought I’d explain that in case it seemed bizarre that I was cropping out the best part of the photos… her beautiful little face. And believe me, I am taking tons of pictures that aren’t creepily-cropped, for my personal use.

I need to come up with some creative, identity-concealing photo tricks. Any photographer friends or fellow foster parents out there have suggestions?


4 Responses to Mystery Girl

  1. Brian says:

    It’s good you guys are protecting her like you are. Sometimes I forget how dark this world is and we must always watch out for our kids and keep them safe from harm. God bless your time together as a family. Very inspiring story you are living.

  2. Annie says:

    I think you are doing a great job. For Elsie I always showed the back of her (because I knew we were going to adopt her) but I feel like I do a lot of feet shots for our FS

  3. Julia says:

    i try to keep the focus off the kids on our home improvement blog. We also try not to share their names. Lots of feet, backs, or an occasional pic is okay.The grandparents vocalized their concerns of having our kids photos all over the internet –and i agree its a new issue to deal with

  4. meg says:

    I came across your Blog through Pinterest. I am a photographer and I’m also waiting on my first Foster placement. I know I am going to want to proudly share photos of my foster child with everyone on my blog too but agree with you in keeping confidentiality. I came up with a few ideas for myself that I think will help with sharing more of their personality while still protecting them.
    These might not work for your situation but here they are:

    1.) Playing with masks, wigs and big hats (like dress up for the kid)- size depending on how much you need to hide the face. If you did a half mask(I’m going to use my Mardi Gras masks) you will be able to share a smile 🙂

    2.) Silhouettes- Grab the camera at sunset while they run around the yard etc Add in a helium balloon for them to play with… how cute would that be!

    3.) Similar to silhouettes, but maybe photos of their shadows.

    4.) Back only- ex: You facing the camera and them running away from the camera view towards you…… or You and your foster child walking away from the camera holding hands. (if concerned about someone recognizing them this way, maybe because of the hair, you could add a hat.)

    I hope that gave you some ideas and stay strong, your doing a great thing!

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