“The Call”

We got our first call yesterday. The sweet placement worker called Jason, thankfully, because the adrenaline rush makes my ears pound. He talked with her for a few minutes on the phone, walking into the room where I was working. I raised my eyebrows as I heard him explaining that we’re only set up for 2 kids and that we have a crib and a twin bed. He held up 3 fingers to me and raised his eyebrows back.

He told her we’d discuss it and get back to her. Three young siblings. Outside of the boundaries we set up. It was an easy decision, really, an obvious answer, yet we still discussed and pondered and prayed about it all afternoon. Ultimately, we knew what we had to do. But it wasn’t easy.

I got her voicemail when I called back. It felt so petty and heartless when I heard myself say “I hope you do find a good home for them.” As if they’re puppies. My tears for those three little ones won’t do anyone any good but I do believe prayer works and I’m asking God to open up the perfect home for those three young siblings.


5 Responses to “The Call”

  1. K says:

    I totally, totally get this. One of the toughest things to do.

  2. Annie says:

    It is REALLY hard saying no. Our agency called us for 3 when we already had 3. I called my husband and he flat out said no, “We couldn’t even fit them all in the car”. Always the realist. Now when they start talking and the first thing that comes out that wasn’t what we wanted I interrupt and say no. Because if they keep talking i become too invested and want to say yes.

    But look at it like this, maybe the person who the kids should go to wasn’t available to answer the phone when they called you. So you talking to them gave the other foster parent enough time to finish up whatever they were doing. That’s how I look at stuff like that.

  3. So sad, but God will find a place for them and has two beautiful kiddos in mind for you!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Or one! (We keep saying that.) We’re kind of hoping to start out with just one, though I think it would be pretty hard to say no to a sib set of 2.

      • Ginger Ahlbrandt says:

        You are so right that praying is an answer to this. The power of prayer is limitless, and adds to the support network God has perfectly placed for these little ones.

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