House Tour: Hall Bathroom

Hall Bathroom

Guest bathroom. Kids bathroom. What do you call it in your house? Our house has a couple of unique features that caught our attention the first time we saw it. Besides the angled front wall of windows in the living room and there is also this downward angled vanity in the hall (only original) bathroom. The countertop was replaced with concrete and a bowl sink before we moved in. Jason added different knobs and painted it gray. Together we laid the slate tile—our first tiling job! The tiles and tub, originally pink and blue, were painted white before we moved in. We also changed the light fixture and added a shower fan. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Softest Green.

Step stool from IKEA for children to read the sink.

I really like the concrete countertops. We’re thinking about trying out this technique ourselves someday for our master bathroom or kitchen.



2 Responses to House Tour: Hall Bathroom

  1. Arthur says:

    Do you know how the tiles were painted and how is it holding up. The room looks great!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I don’t know how it was done as it was done before we bought the house. It’s holding up fine on the walls but in areas where it tends to stay wet longer (near the tub drain and under the soap holder insert) Jason has had to touch up with a spray paint kind of tile paint.

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