Front Garden Expansion: Phase 1

Jason is tired of mowing our grass. I can’t blame him. It takes 2 hours with our push mower, it needs done every week, and it’s hot outside. So what is my green-thumbed garden-loving husband’s solution? Expand the front garden to create less lawn! Tirades about xeriscaping the whole front yard or killing all the grass (weeds…) and planting ground cover have also been tossed around after sweaty lawn grooming sesions. This crazy talk scared me a bit. (I don’t want the neighbors referring to us as “those people” with the gravel lot in front of their house.) One day I came home to find our front yard looking like this.

I present you with, Front Garden Expansion: Phase 1.

All that was done here was lowering the push mower to it’s lowest setting and scalping the lawn in the desired garden area, in hopes that the hot summer sun would do the rest of the work of killing the grass and weeds. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the area Jason plotted out was only about 1/3 of the front yard. He says “for now…”

Have you seen this timely article on Apartment Therapy, The Case Against the American Front Lawn?


5 Responses to Front Garden Expansion: Phase 1

  1. Tim says:

    Make sure to check with your city and/or HOA before you get rid of all of it. There can be fines to removing all your grass and it’s a pain in the neck to put it back. Speaking from experience here… 😀
    That said, that 1/3 will look great.

  2. Brian says:

    Jason is sure to funk up that area in front. Love the progress!

  3. Ooo! Can’t wait to see what it looks when it’s all done!! And can’t wait to see more phase/progress pics!

  4. […] After chopping down the grass and covering the area with landscaping fabric, it was time to start adding […]

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