House Tour: Kitchen & Dining Room


Our living room connects to the kitchen and dining room. Just before we bought our house in 2007 it was fully renovated. The original hardwoods throughout the house were refinished, some walls were removed, everything was covered in a fresh coat of paint. The room the presumably had the most floor-to-ceiling changes was the kitchen. The cabinets are from IKEA. The countertops are square foot granite tiles. The floors are 2-ft travertine tiles. I love that it’s open and airy. It never feels too small to me, except when we have parties and everyone ends up standing around in the kitchen. (Why is that?)

Dining Room

Yes, it bothers me that the light in the dining room is not centered over the table. It’s even worse when the table is extended to it’s full length. Someday we’ll get around to fixing that… and probably changing the light altogether. It’s a small dining room but it works. The walls in the dining room and kitchen are Sherwin Williams Greek White. The door there leads into Jason’s studio (which used to be considered the den).


4 Responses to House Tour: Kitchen & Dining Room

  1. Mama says:

    The kitchen is always the heart of the home. That’s why everyone gravitates to the kitchen. And good food comes from your kitchen!

  2. i love your kitchen and dining room!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks, Amy! Whenever I write interior designy posts I think of you. 🙂 I’d love to get your opinion on the furniture arrangement in our living room. Someday I’ll write a post about it with a diagrams of the floor plan.

  3. […] music studio is located just beyond the living room and dining room. It was once a den with wood paneled walls but was listed as a bedroom when we bought our house. […]

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