Foster Parenting: Myths, Facts and Resources

The Dave Thomas Foundation has a great little article called Myths & Realities about foster parenting. Here are a few of them:

Myth: Foster care adoption may cost less than private infant or international adoption, but it’s still expensive.

Reality: Foster care adoption normally costs little or nothing. Click here for more information on how much it costs to adopt.

Myth: A biological parent can come to take an adopted child back.

Reality: This is a fear for two-thirds of the people considering adoption. However, biological parents have no way to gain back custody of the child or children once their parental rights are terminated.

Myth: Children enter foster care because they committed a crime.

Reality: This belief is held by 45 percent of Americans, but actually, children enter U.S. foster care through no fault of their own. Usually, they are victims of neglect, abandonment, or abuse.


I thought it might also be valuable to share with you some of my favorite resources. When we were first considering this adventure, reading other’s personal accounts was invalueble to me. (And still is encouraging.) Here are some of my favorite blogs of families that have fostered or adopted kids:

Proverbs 30:8 – K&D’s blog was what got me thinking more seriously about fostering. They have fostered several kids so far and are in the process of adopting two precious little boys.

Foster Parenting Podcast – like a big nerd I listened to EVERY podcast from the past 4 years. (hey, i’m at my desk all day!) This couple has fostered more kids than I can keep track of and so far has adopted 2 sweet little girls. Tons of wisdom and perspective to share.

Rage Against the Minivan – clever, raw, realistic portrayal of a family with 2 biological daughters, 1 son adopted through foster care and 1 son adopted from Haiti

Ordinary Hero – mostly about international adoption (especially Ethiopia) but great fundraising opportunities for adoptive families

The Anderson Crew – one of my favorite blogs already for the creative, crafty, photographic goodness but this family recently adopted a little girl from Ethiopia

Faith Star Lite – a family in the process of adopting a little girl through foster care

Adding Members – a family with 1 biological daughter, 1 daughter adopted through foster care and are currently still fostering children with hopes to adopt more due to infertility

As for Me and My House – a family with a sweet testimony of adopting a baby girl through the foster care system with hopes to foster more. Written from the perspective of the oldest sister, which makes it extra sweet and interesting


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  1. Bella says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! That made my day! : )

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