Frosting a Cake

I am a cake connoisseur. I am not, however, a cake decorator. In face, I made my first ever layer cake the other day for my mom’s birthday. Frosting it was no piece of cake. Later that day, I came across this video from The Kitchn: The Easiest Way to Frost a Cake. I think part of my problem is that the tops of the cakes were a bit sticky. Maybe I should have left them uncovered overnight rather than covered. I wish I had thought to flip the cakes over. That’s just plain old smart.

Oh, and icing the cake? I need a tutorial on that! I have some ancient (I mean “vintage”) cake decorating tools. I bought a new tube of red icing from the grocery store. I envisioned some lovely red tulips (mom’s favorite flower) with green stems. The red icing + the born-before-my-mother tools worked OK. I had a tube of leftover green icing that was too thick. I tried to water it down and well… not a great idea. The top of the “B” almost ran right off the top of the cake. Help me, Rhonda.

Next time I think I’ll make my own icing so I can get the consistency and color however I like. Do you have any suggestions for cake decorating? A favorite icing recipe?


3 Responses to Frosting a Cake

  1. Amy says:

    i def use the wax/parchment paper idea to keep your plate clean. granted if you’re like me and you make a super runny frosting by accident…yeah…there’s no saving that. i don’t usually decorate the tops except for using chocolate shavings of some kind. i find that is the easiest and prettiest way!! the cake still looks super yummy!!

  2. Lorraine Mory says:

    I thought the cake was lovely and it tasted great, too!

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