Yard Sales and Estate Sales – It’s That Time of Year

Jason and I love going to yard sales and estate sales to look for vintage goodies but since he’s been touring a lot the past 8 month or so, we haven’t been able to do it so much. Now that there is a “need” to start collecting kid stuff (read here if you’re confused) and not just fun mid-century collectibles, I’ve been hitting the sales with my mom and on my own. Here are just a few of my recent purchases.

Jeep umbrella stroller in great shape for only $5. My mom spotted this from the street and I’m quite excited about it.

A child size metal folding chair for $7.50. (Also, the full length mirror got rescued from my parents house before it was sent off to a friend’s yard sale. It was plastic “wood” so I spray painted it blue. ALSO, keep in mind the walls will be light gray.)

This cute little dear figurine (we have way to many knick knacks already but I couldn’t resist…) for $0.50:

I’m not sure why I haven’t taken a picture of any of my other purchases but I also go some light green Pottery Barn crib sheets, a black Infantino baby carrier, a plastic stacking ring toy, some wood puzzle boards, a tiny MCM casserole dish that I don’t know what to use for, and a vintage orange plastic Tupperware pitcher. I LOVE this time of year! Who wants to go thrifting with me?!


7 Responses to Yard Sales and Estate Sales – It’s That Time of Year

  1. SusanV says:

    I DO!!

    Great finds! I’m going to try to channel you this summer & find some awesome things around here, too.

  2. Amy says:

    yay! i want to go thrifting. but i don’t think we have great places in erie. or a place to put them in our home. or a husband willing to let me bring them home 😉 hahah

  3. Lorraine Mory says:

    I’m ready to go again!

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