The Post-Valentine’s Day Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

Jason and I decided to not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. It’s one of those commercial holidays that really rubs us the wrong way. People in relationships are obligated to demonstrate their love through sweets, gifts and fancy dinners. It can seem really forced. Then, all the single people, ladies mostly, tend to feel unloved.

We decided to let each other off the hook this year. I much prefer surprises and random gifts and date nights, anyway. I do like chocolates and flowers so I bought a bouquet of white mums at the grocery store on Sunday (which I do occasionally) and Jason snagged some leftover chocolates and heart candies at the store yesterday—50% off! You know we like a bargain.

The real reason we’re anti-Valentine’s Day is because while dates and gifts and cards have their place, real love is displayed in day to day interactions with each other. Monday turned out to be a perfect example of how Jason demonstrates that loves me. We took my car in to the shop in the morning and my sweet man drove me to work and dealt with the mechanic for me. He picked me up from work early to take me to my eye doctor appointment. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see to drive home on a bright sunny day with dilated eyes so he happily drove me. There was a giant mocha Frappaccino waiting for me when I hopped in the car. Once we got home Jason made tacos for dinner and did most of the clean up. All without a single complaint. That, more than any flowers or chocolates ever could, shows me how much my husband cares for me. He proves it to me all the time. I feel very blessed.

(Sorry about the lousy picture. I got a new phone and I haven’t figured out how to get the pictures to my computer yet.)


One Response to The Post-Valentine’s Day Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

  1. Brian says:

    I’m constantly inspired by you guys. Fabulous stuff. Weird and fabulous! 😀

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