Master Bedroom Redecorate: Before

This month we’re celebrating 4 years in our 1955 brick ranch. When we moved in we quickly painted and decorated our living room, kitchen, guest bathroom and master bedroom. Each room has undergone a few changes through the years but generally have stayed the same. I’m ready for a change. Specifically, I’m tired of the brown and blue in our bedroom.

I’m dreaming of the white, airy, clean hotel rooms that I saw behind Jason on Skype while he was in Sweden last summer. We don’t have a white wall anywhere in our house. OK, not totally true—we do have 2 small walls in the unfinished laundry room that are still builder’s beige. But generally, every room in our home is painted. And now I’m craving white. Fresh, minimalist, feather-light white.


5 Responses to Master Bedroom Redecorate: Before

  1. Julia says:

    When looking for hotels in Miami we considered one called Townhouse ( . Nice white walls, scandinavian influence.

    I see you have white trim in your house–it makes the possibilities endless!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      We do have white trim. I’m a little sad that the people who renovated our house painted over all the original wood trim but it does look clean and we’ll never have to make the decision to paint or not paint the wood.

  2. Brian says:

    I painted faint blue in our garage and liked it at the time but am also REALLY wanting white, simple and pop it with colored pictures and art. When Brandy & I first married, settling into our 1940’s home in Oregon we painted everything with rich color and now I admit white is on my taste buds. Clean and fresh! Cool post, rad chick.

  3. SusanV says:

    I do love color (and I love the blues you have in your house! Really love them!) but I think there is something to be said for white! Our living room and dining room are painted bright white.

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