On Saturday I had the privilege of snapping some last minute pregnancy pictures of my brother- and sister-in-law. They were going to have a photographer friend of ours do some portraits but it never worked out and we’re down to the wire (2.5 weeks to due today) so I offered my free but mediocre photography skills. I was happy to try out my new Nikon in a portrait setting and I’m pleased that a few good ones emerged. Not bad for a point and shoot.

I played with some different photo treatments in Photoshop. Mama-to-be requested some black & white and some without her face in the shot. (Full term pregnant women are always a bit self-conscious about looking puffy in the face. I think Ginger looks radiant!) Photographer friends – feel free to offer your constructive criticism on my skillz (or lack of skills).

I think she looks so lovely in this one:

They’re silly. I’m glad I captured this moment because I don’t think it could be reproduced. Their house is always full of laughs and I know they’ll be super fun parents.

This is one of my favorite shots because Dan didn’t know I was taking it. I was setting up for the next shot while Ginger when to change clothes.

This is the only shot that I actually had a vision of creating the night before. I think it works and captures them fairly well. Daddy Dan, the thinker, a man of few words, a planner. Mama Ginger, always rubbing her baby bump and speaking sweetly to her daughter, lovely and content.

Marty can’t wait to have another master to lick…

Jason and I are so excited for them and excited to meet our niece. It’s been really cool to see how Dan and Ginger have grown so much the past 9 months in maturity and spiritually. I know that they will be great parents. I’ve been so encouraged and inspired by how positive Ginger has been through the entire pregnancy. She hasn’t had any complaints and has enjoyed every moment of carrying a baby (except maybe for that couple of hours early on when the mid-wife said she couldn’t find the heartbeat, but that all worked out). Her pure love and joy for their baby girl is contagious. Or maybe it’s just that as her auntie, I already have a lot of love and joy for her, too.

We love you guys and are looking forward to walking with you into this new adventure!


7 Responses to Expecting

  1. SusanV says:

    Oh my. Just brought tears to my eyes and a rush of emotions to my heart. That anticipation, joy, fear, love that you captured happens every time for me (and I believe all parents.) And then when a friend takes beautiful pictures of other friends and posts them on her blog? It just floods right back in and you feel it all over again.

    You guys are going to be awesome Auntie Martina & Uncle Jason! What a glorious blessing to your family!

    I really cannot wait to “meet” the baby.

    Wonderful times. Wonderful!

  2. SusanV says:

    Also- could Ginger’s pregnant belly/body be any more adorable?! She looks fabulous! We will be praying for an easy labor, delivery, healthy mom & baby!

  3. Amy says:

    so, so cute! i’m so happy for them. also, for you – it’s so great to have a cute baby niece!! now i miss chloe.

  4. Bryce Schroeder says:

    I love the very round torpedo style belly! Such a beautiful family! Great photos, too, Martina!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks Bryce! We’re still waiting for the phone call. Everyday now I think, “Will this be the day?” I’m so excited to meet my niece.

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