Home Office Part 5: The Cloffice (or Offet)

What do you get when you cross a closet and an office? A cloffice? An offet? The latter is cute but we’ve been calling it a cloffice ever since a friend made the suggestion. I’m happy to report that this home renovation project is FINISHED. DONE. COMPLETE. We’re undecided about adding bi-fold doors at some point. I kind of like it open but covering it up might be nice too.

Since my last post about the hall-coat-closet-turned-home-office here is what has been done: Jason re-hung my upper monitor (straight and centered this time; I’m a mess without him…), installed an electric outlet, removed the door and widened the doorway, finished my desktop, reframed the doorway and painted the trim, baseboards, hall wall and shelves. Oh, and he also painted a stripe on the floor for me. It was necessary because part of the wood flooring was missing when we removed the wall. But I like that it’s kind of funky and helps to define the space. I touched the cloffice wall paint, cleaned up the top shelf with new matching storage boxes and hung some Command hooks for my bulletin board and computer satchel.

I’m kicking myself for not taking a before picture. POO. Anyway… here are the first four parts of this series in case you missed them:

Home Office Part 1: Small Homes Require/Inspire Creativity

Home Office Part 2: Closet Offices & Inspiration

Home Office Part 3: The Coat Closet

Home Office Part 4: Decorating & Customizing


7 Responses to Home Office Part 5: The Cloffice (or Offet)

  1. It’s so perfectly compact and that view down the hall is beautiful. Congratulations on a lovely project!

  2. […] Martina is very handy — she built this little office in a hall closet. I am always fascinated by folks who can actually get these projects done. For more photos and info, check out her blog, My Mid-Century Modern Life. […]

  3. […] got a ping-back notice that my Hall Closet Turned Home Office (AKA Cloffice) was mentioned on Retro Renovation today. RR is the flagship of mid-century home […]

  4. RocketGirl says:

    Woohoo! We need all the closet space we have for storage, but this is a fantastic example of creative use of your space–I love it!

  5. I am pretty jealous! I would love a cloffice like this! Too bad we value our closet space even more than room space.

    I will be looking for an extra closet in our next place! (and it would be so much easier to clean!)

  6. […] The Mustard Ceiling 2) Apartmentalizing 3) My Mid-Century Modern Life 5. Add storage to bathroom for towels and linens. 6. Chevron-up our IKEA rug. (Hayley Anderson […]

  7. […] hallway thanks to my cloffice (closet+office). I wrote about the original transformation from a coat closet into a home office earlier this year. It hasn’t changed much since then, except that the hallway was painted SW […]

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