I made cookies.

I had plans to walk you step by step through my favorite cookie recipe—Peanut Butter Blossoms—and a new recipe from my neighbor that I tried for the first time—Peanut Brittle—but a) I don’t have time, b) I’m too lazy to dig the recipes back out of the recipe box, and c) you are done making Christmas cookies and treats by now, anyway, right?

I’m eating both right now and they are delicious! That’s all you really need to know, really.

Speaking of our recipe box, a friend gave us this one as a wedding gift. Susan, I think of you every time I’m digging for a recipe!


5 Responses to I made cookies.

  1. renata says:

    No I’m not done baking treats, hahha, not that I am making too many, but I just started… I was actually planning on making your peanut butter blossoms delicious recipe today! 😉

  2. SusanV says:

    no… I’m just starting. 🙂 PB Blossoms are one of my faves too! And I lobe PB brittle! I really wish we lived closer, for many, many reasons!

  3. Amy says:

    i love peanut butter blossoms too! but i’ve never actually made them. yours look delish!

  4. toniiii says:

    Those cookies look amazing!

  5. Le Clerc says:

    Hey , 🙂

    Could you tell me where i can find the recipe, maybe i’m stupid, but…. lol
    Thank you very much xx

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