I made a hat!

One of my favorite kiddos just turned 1 a few weeks ago and I decided to dust off my sewing skills and make this little cap with the pattern from Leila & Ben.

It came out pretty well. I haven’t sewn with a pattern in years and I had a few boo-boos but that’s what the seam ripper was made for!

The first time I turned this right side out the brim was on the inside, between the liner and outer fabric. Oops! Next time it’ll be a lot easier.

And that’s the great thing about buying a pattern – I can remake this as many times as I want with different fabrics. For $6 that seems like a pretty good deal.

I just realized as I was posting this that I bought myself a similar shaped hat a few months ago at Target. I wonder if I could adapt this pattern for adult size …

(Top photo is from Leila & Ben. The rest are mine.)

2 Responses to I made a hat!

  1. SusanV says:

    awesome work!

  2. SusanV says:

    …and… sell those?

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