No Luck, part 1

Luck is a funny thing. Wikipedia defines Luck or fortuity is a belief in good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance, and attributed by some to reasons of faith or superstition, which happens beyond a person’s control. I firmly DO NOT believe in luck or fortuity or superstition. I believe in a Holy God who is in control of everything in the universe and everything that happens does so because He allows it or prevents it or causes it. God’s sovereignty is bigger than chance. (See Proverbs 16:33)

I’m kind of disgusted with how often I hear Christians say “good luck,” “fingers crossed” or “knock on wood.” Once I even saw a friend say, “I guess it’s not in the cards.” What?! I know it’s such a common part of our language that people are saying these things without realizing what they mean. But seriously people, think about what is coming out of your mouth.

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