Family 4 Quart {Estate Sale Finds}

Last week I saw a listing for an estate sale with all kinds of great things pictured. I made a list of everything I wanted including an Underwood typewriter, retro striped drinking glasses, a vintage tinker toys set and a small cabinet with cone legs and sliding doors. Sadly, we didn’t get there until near the end of the second day so everything I saw online was gone. The benefit of going at the end, though, is that everything is marked down. We did find some great things.

A Family 4 Quart drink cooler. Perfect for our upcoming beach trip

Five old lady style plastic round bead necklaces (all for $1.50!)

2 vintage kids books: Through the Gate (seems like a knock off of Dick and Jane) and Told Under the Blue Umbrella: New Stories for New Children

A colorful xylophone that doesn’t quite work but looks pretty. I guess it needs some new felt under the metal keys

A small retro glass pitcher (I want to actually USE this but it’s kind of an odd size. Any suggestions? It would only hold enough for 2 glasses of iced tea.)

And two glass vases from another estate sale we passed on our way home

4 Responses to Family 4 Quart {Estate Sale Finds}

  1. Barbara says:

    Your retro glass picture was specifically made for Tang!!

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