Help Us Rebuild Nashville

Shortly after the catastrophic Nashville flood 2 weeks ago, a local graphic designer came up with a design for a t-shirt that she hoped to sell and put all the profits toward flood relief and clean-up. She partnered with a company called Render Apparel, which is co-owned by a friend of mine. The idea exploded via facebook and they’ve already sold more than 12, 000 shirts!

You may notice that I added a button on the left side of my blog that links back to Nashville Flood Tees. I realize not many people outside of Nashville will be interested in these, but I still wanted to spread the word. Buy one if you’d like to help rebuild us Nashville. They come in mens, womens, kids and baby onesies!

One Response to Help Us Rebuild Nashville

  1. TaraUB says:

    Just ordered me one.

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