Wedding Invitations

I’ve been selling quite a lot of wedding invitations through my etsy shop Light Hand Design this spring. It’s always so humbling when someone chooses one of my designs as the first impression of their wedding day. And I have so much fun working with brides (and sometimes grooms) to make something really special for them.

Bicycle Built for Two has definitely be the most popular this spring. (Last spring it was Love Birds.) This color purple also seems to be quite trendy. I’m not a huge fan of purple myself but I think I’ve had this color requested at least 4 times.

I have new value price options for couples who don’t need RSVP cards or thank you cards. But most people still opt for the full set—invitation with return address printed envelopes, RSVP cards with return address printed envelopes and thank you cards with envelopes:

Usually this is a one color design but I’m willing to cooperate with special requests. This couple’s colors are fucshia and chocolate. I love how these turned out!

And speaking of special requests, one bride asked if I could combine the Swirly Tree Birds invitation with the Love Birds invitations for a colorful, funky outdoor wedding. Works for me!

These are so much fun for me! One day soon I’m going to make some new designs. Real soon. Because I’m kind of getting tired to the tandem bikes and birdies. 🙂

One Response to Wedding Invitations

  1. SusanV says:

    Love them! I do love the combined one, too. That’s great! Keep up the good work, Martina!

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