9 By Design

I know it’s been already talked about in the home/lifestyle/design blogsphere (that’s how I found out about it) but I wanted to share my thoughts about the new Bravo reality show 9 By Design. I really enjoyed watching the premiere last week. (If you, like me, don’t pay for cable tv you can watch it on Hulu.)

It’s a reality show about Robert and Courtney Novogratz. They’re self-taught interior designers, house builders/stagers and sort-of-flippers. The couple, whose company is called Sixx Design, renovates or builds new homes; designs them with thrifted, flea market, new, international and unique pieces; lives there until someone offers to buy or rent it; then they move and start over.

They do most of their work in NYC. What makes the show particularly interesting is that they have 7 kids. In the first episode Courtney is 8.5 months pregnant with their 7th and they’re moving into a new temporary apartment … a small (2bR for 9 people) temporary apartment.

People can say what they want about the couple’s bickering and lying to each other over the phone (I believe most of it is staged anyway) but I love the couple’s energy and creativity and passion for what they do. And I love how having a family hasn’t slowed them down one bit.

I’m inspired and entertained. A couple CAN be successful entrepreneurs and still have a fun and happy family.

Here are their kids: Wolfgang (12), twin sisters Tallulah and Bellamy (10), Breaker (8), Five and Holleder (4) and baby on the way Major. In case you can’t tell by the unusual names, they’re all boys except for the twin sisters.

One Response to 9 By Design

  1. Rachel! says:

    As a human who struggles to survive with zero dependents in NYC, I am pretty intrigued by the premise of this show. Haven’t gotten a chance to check out the first episode, but I’m also stoked about it!

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