Bathroom Renovation Stage 10

My husband is amazing! (But you knew that already if you’ve been following my blog.) We’ve both been quite busy lately which is nothing but a blessing when you’re self-employed (Jason) or do freelance in addition to your day job (me). And our weekends have been filled up with fun, work and social obligations lately. Also a blessing.

However, the bathroom renovation had almost come to a complete standstill since we (mostly) finished the shower. We’ve both be itching to get the renovation wrapped up but most of the remaining things I have no idea how to do and/or I’d rather trust Jason to do. This past week he has been working hard to find time through the night or during a gap in his daytime work.

Here are some things that have happened (though not very interesting by photograph):

The shower fan & light was installed in the shower. (More adventures of being wedged into a tiny space in the attic. But we do love our low-slung roof.)

Electricity has been run to the shower light, shower  fan, and the light above the vanity. Check out this sweet 3 switches in 1 thing. (What’s it called again!?) Saved us (Jason) from having to cut out a bigger hole in the wall for a new electrical work box.

Electricity has been run to a light in the laundry room (I still can’t believe I have a laundry ROOM!), an outlet in the laundry room and an outlet by the sink in the bathroom.

Lights installed … almost. The ceiling light that was formerly in the bathroom, which was once a bedroom, is now dangling a foot from the ceiling in the laundry room. So helpful when I’m doing laundry at night! Also, there is a light in the bathroom now, above the vanity, but it’s essentially just a light bulb hanging out of the wall. Better than the floor lamp we’ve been using!

Holes in the ceiling have been patched up. Moving lights around and taking down walls created several big holes in the ceiling. Jason’s been patching and matching the lovely (not) spiky texture.

Ahhh … progress feels good! Next up we’ll be installing the second shower head and setting up the plumbing for when it will be connected to the water lines (later…) and finishing up the drywall. Once that is done and all patched up (all Jason here again) we can prime and paint. THEN tile the floors. (Not decided on or purchased yet.) THEN install the vanity. THEN install a sink. (Not decided on or purchased yet.)

Again, MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING! We haven’t had to hire help for any step of the process so far. He’s quite the electrician! Soon we’ll find out how much of a plumber he is!

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