Wise Words


“Yet, in the maddening maze of things, And tossed by storm and flood, To one fixed trust my spirit clings; I know that God is good!” — John Greenleaf Whittier

Phone Photo Friday


Setting this idea aside for Miss Future Offspring.

Door or No Door?


I had intended to post a bathroom renovation update today but … we didn’t quite finish the shower yet. We’re SO CLOSE! Hang on until next week to see pictures of the finished shower, ok? It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Besides I need your help with something.

See those two horizontal cabinets above? (Please excuse my messy countertop.) Well, the hinge that holds the door open is broken on the bottom cabinet. IKEA doesn’t sell the hinges separately from the entire cabinet and the only other online retailer we can find sells them for $80 a pair. Sheeah … $80 for some hinges!

However, I am tired of holding the {heavy} door open with my head while I delicately put away antique tea cups. Two days ago I had an epiphany … I’ll just take the door off! After all, open cabinets look good in other kitchens, right?

So here are some after pictures with the door off:

I need help. It looks unfinished to me. What do you think? Does it need painted or something? Take the top door off too? Should I just put the door back on? Fork out $80 for some hinges?

Literal Music Videos


You may have already seen these around the web. The idea is to take a music video with random images that have nothing to do with the song and match the lyrics with what’s actually happening in the video. Hilarious concept. This one is my favorite:

Take On Me

Search for “literal music videos” on YouTube to find lots more.

Gold Cortez & Granada Green {MCM thrift store finds}


Jason and I have been collecting various patterns of mid-century modern dishware from around town. We keep finding pieces from this collection in olive green and gold. They’re glazed ceramic with scallop, half-circle patterns around the edges. It took a lot of research but we finally found the names (they’re unmarked.) Gold Cortez by Homer Laughlin Co. and Sheffield Granada Green. Homer Laughlin is best known for Fiesta Ware.

So far we’ve collected in green: a dinner plate, 5 tea cups, 3 saucers, a coffee carafe and a pitcher that I use for tea. In gold we’ve found: 4 bowls, a coffee carafe (gave away) and most recently: 3 dessert plates and 6 saucers. The most interesting thing is that we’ve found them all over Nashville: an estate sale, a yard sale, a vintage store and 2 different thrift stores.

I wrote this post when we found the bowls. The the olive green coffee carafe makes a great vase:

(Christmas 2009)

(April 2009)

Happy Groundhog Day!


It’s Groundhog Day and we have snow on the ground. Not a good sign for an early spring. Being from Pennsylvania, February 2 was always a fun little holiday and a worthy cause for a party in elementary school. Will Phil see his shadow? Will we have 6 more weeks of winter?!

Random fact: my granny was from Punxatawny, PA.

Buy that cute little groundhog and/or read a brief history of the holiday here.

Skype, Pandora and Online TV


I’m listening to a radio station that customized to my favorite artists and genres. No stereo invloved. Free.

I just had a 15 minute face-to-face conversation with my husband. He’s at home. I’m at work. No phone involved. Free.

Last night we watched the latest 2 episodes of 24 on our TV. No cable or antenna involved. Free.

We’ve been watching episodes from the old TV series Quantem Leap every weekend. No DVDs or DVD player involved. Free.

All these things through our laptops. All online. All free. This is so not mid-century. But, it’s an aspect of my modern life that I love! It’s amazing what technology can do and how available and affordable everything is.

I’m listening to Pandora radio but every local radio station I know of also has free online streaming. Jason and I just set up Skype accounts. Now we can talk to our friend while he’s touring the world this month, our friends in Brazil and our 1-year-old nephew in Pennsylvania with video, audio and chat options. All completely free. Pretty much all prime time TV shows are available to watch online. We also use Hulu for older series.