Skype, Pandora and Online TV

I’m listening to a radio station that customized to my favorite artists and genres. No stereo invloved. Free.

I just had a 15 minute face-to-face conversation with my husband. He’s at home. I’m at work. No phone involved. Free.

Last night we watched the latest 2 episodes of 24 on our TV. No cable or antenna involved. Free.

We’ve been watching episodes from the old TV series Quantem Leap every weekend. No DVDs or DVD player involved. Free.

All these things through our laptops. All online. All free. This is so not mid-century. But, it’s an aspect of my modern life that I love! It’s amazing what technology can do and how available and affordable everything is.

I’m listening to Pandora radio but every local radio station I know of also has free online streaming. Jason and I just set up Skype accounts. Now we can talk to our friend while he’s touring the world this month, our friends in Brazil and our 1-year-old nephew in Pennsylvania with video, audio and chat options. All completely free. Pretty much all prime time TV shows are available to watch online. We also use Hulu for older series.

One Response to Skype, Pandora and Online TV

  1. Jane says:

    What a lovely post. I am constantly trying to simplify my life as well as cut costs whenever I can. I found your blog on Retro Renovation! I am a Nashvillian as well. My hubby and I bought a little further east by Old Hickory Lake in The Villages of Old hickory (the little 1920’s catalog homes)! Just wanted to say hi and that I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with your blog. All your renovations are so inspiring!

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