Waterfall Faucets

We’ve been looking at vessel sinks and faucets for our bathroom renovation and I keep coming across these waterfall faucets. They seem to be very popular on eBay. Jason likes them but I’m a little concerned about the functionality. We have a glass vessel sink in our other bathroom that has many chips from us and guests over the past three years. Also, the glass doesn’t stay clean-looking for more than 24 hours. (In other words, even though it looks pretty, I would NEVER recommend a glass vessel sink!) I’m also concerned that the big chunk of glass would get in the way and/or splash too much.

Do any of you have experience with these waterfall faucets? What do you think?

• Does the glass get dirty?

• Chip easily?

• Get in the way?

• Does the water splash everywhere?

2 Responses to Waterfall Faucets

  1. Susan says:

    no experience, but my first thought was… does the water splash everywhere?? I’ll be interested to hear if anyone has one.

  2. Zoe says:

    No experience here, either. My concern would be water pressure. I feel like it’d take forever to get soap off your hands with a waterfall stream. Not to mention, washing toothpaste off your toothbrush…

    Plus, I’m actually not that into the aesthetics of them either.

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