Bathroom Renovation Stage 8

Tile is officially HALF done! Yay! We’ve been working hard on it and our goal is to finish the shower this month. (Sorry for the pieced together photos. Couldn’t get it all in 1 shot.)

We started putting drywall up to close off the laundry area with some leftover pieces from another project.

We designed built-in shelves into one side of the shower wall. In order to finish them with cement board so we can tile, we had to put drywall up on the laundry room side.

Jason bought the concrete for the shower pan today. Saturday is the day we mix and pour and level and pray. I’ll try to remember to keep my camera handy during the process.

Phew! We’ve come a long way! Need to catch up?

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4 Responses to Bathroom Renovation Stage 8

  1. Susan says:

    OOOH! It’s getting there! good work!

  2. Amy says:

    awesome! totally love it! you guys are so amazing, doing all this work! you should be on an HGTV show 😉

  3. mahlbrandt says:

    Thanks ladies! We’re so eager to get this project DONE and take a long, hot, relaxing shower …

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